Ordering Help

Estimate Shipping and Tax on the "My Cart" page:

To view any tax and/or shipping costs before you place your order use the the "Estimate Shipping and Tax" box on the "My Cart" page. Enter your country, state/provence, and zip code and press the "Get a Quote" button.

If your query returns no results it may be possible that we cannot ship to your country at this time. If you feel this is in error or would like to make arrangements for shipment to your country please contact our offices.

If your query returns results it will only show you available shipping options. If a certain shipping option is not available for your order it will not be shown.

*During checkout you will be allowed to change your shipping option. The shipping option chosen during checkout will determine when and how your order is shipped. Your order total will be displayed before you finalize your purchase.

Please note that we mainly ship large, oversized items. Your shipping quote comes directly from our shipping provider.


Checkout Errors:

Crooked Human does not store any credit card information. We use Authorize.net to securely and safely process your credit card order. Authorize.net uses AVS (Address Verification System) to help protect you from fraud.  If your credit card does not pass an Address Verification you will receive an error message while trying to place your order. There are a few things you can do to try to pass the Address Verification System or any other Gateway Errors.

Gateway Error: AVS Mismatch

1.) Make sure you're entering the correct billing address your bank has on file (this may differ from what you see on your credit card statement). If you are unsure of the exact address your bank has on file you may want to contact your bank directly.

For example: If your bank writes your address as Main Street 30 but you type your address as 30 Main Street your order will not go through.

*Try moving around some information to see if your card will pass the AVS. For example, most banks actually list PO Box addresses with the box number before the words "PO Box" (such as "123 PO Box") while other banks only have the number part in their records (such as "123").

2.) Some credit cards require the same 'Bill To' and 'Ship To' addresses. Try to ship your order to your 'Bill To' address.

3.) Try using a different, AVS supported, credit card.

4.) Contact your bank directly.

Gateway Error: A duplicate transaction has been submitted.

You may have accidentally hit the submit button twice in a row. Don't worry, only one order was processed. This is a precaution used to prevent duplicate orders from accidentally being made. If you wanted to order two identical orders wait a few minutes and try again. If you received this error without seeing a confirmation page and/or a confirmation email your order was not completed. Please make any changes and try to place your order again.


Was my order successfully placed?

If your order was successfully placed you will be redirected to a confirmation page that will display your order number. You will also be emailed a receipt to the email address you provided during checkout. If you are not rerouted to a confirmation page you will have to fix any errors you see and try to place your order again.


Why do I see a "temporary authorization" when I look at my bank account online even though my order was unsuccessful?

Some banks put a temporary (usually 72 hours or less) authorization on your bank account when they see someone is trying to use your credit card. However, if you see this authorization but your order was not successful that means your bank will never release that authorization to us and we will never collect that particular temporary authorization charge. You will have to try to place your order again. If your bank does show these temporary charges you will see both authorizations for declined and successful orders. We will only collect money once, despite what your bank may show as a temporary authorization, and only if you receive an order confirmation from us. If you unsure about these temporary charges we recommend contacting your bank directly since they are the ones controlling these temporary authorizations.