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About Crooked Human®

At the beginning of 2011, under the guidance and ownership of Pete Egoscue (the founder of the revolutionary Egoscue Method), Crooked Human opened our doors to help Egoscue customers and practitioners purchase the products needed to complete their Egoscue routine correctly and safely. At the time, the market was flooded with imitation and subpar products that were counter productive, of poor quality , and even harmful if used while doing Egoscue e-cises.

Under Pete's ownership, every single product Crooked Human manufactured was at Pete’s request, with his specifications, with his input. In 2012 Pete gave the President of Crooked Human (whom had a 30+ year history with Pete Egoscue) the option to buy the company knowing his legacy would be in good hands. This change in ownership freed Pete up to be Pete. Even though he is no longer the owner, Pete’s direction and input is on everything Crooked Human produces to this day.

So when we proudly state we’re the only company making Egoscue equipment to Egoscue specifications it’s completely true with a history to back up our statement. These Egoscue products are manufactured by us and therefore only available through our website. A tower is a tower is a tower is simply not true. There are real design and quality differences in our brand. There is only one Pete and there is only one authentic brand of Egoscue equipment and that is Crooked Human.

Pete has changed the way the world views pain and what can be done about it. His approach is simple, real and it works. We carry on those ideals. We don't cut corners and we only offer Egoscue equipment that Pete Egoscue himself originally specified.

Thanks Pete for everything.



Corporate Address

Crooked Human® Inc.
175 Balboa St. Suite A6
San Marcos, CA 92069

*Please note we do not have a retail space. We only accept online orders.