Egoscue Multi-Positioning Tower

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Our towers come in two different package options:

• Egoscue Multi-Positioning Tower with 1 Single Foot Pedal for $99.00.

• Egoscue Multi-Positioning Tower with 1 Single Foot Pedal AND 1 Double Foot Pedal for $129.95 (save over $14 with this package).

Don't be fooled by other towers! This is the original tower first designed by Egoscue® professionals, the only one designed to Egoscue® specifications, and only available here. Since its introduction in March of 2005, the Egoscue® Multi-Positioning Tower has become an important piece of equipment in Posture Therapy clinics worldwide, and in the homes of thousands of Egoscue® Posture Therapy clients.

Unlike other towers which are made with harmful chemicals banned in the United States our tower is made entirely in the USA and has the finest quality materials and finishes. Single Foot Pedals and Double Foot Pedals are made of solid wood construction. Therefore, our Double Foot Pedals will not bend like other double pedals made of pvc or plastic, giving you the best possible routine. Double Foot Pedals can also be purchased separately.

Crooked Human® sells and manufactures the only multi-positioning tower and foot pedal designed to Egoscue® Specifications therefore our foot pedals will not work with other towers.

This is the only Multi-Positioning Tower made to Egoscue® specifications.

Manufactured by Crooked Human®.

Made in the USA.

Egoscue Tower with Single Pedal

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  • Egoscue Tower with Single Pedal
  • Egoscue Tower with single and double foot pedal

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